Vincent des Portes


Personal Information

Pr Vincent des Portes, MD, PhD
Born: June, 16 1965, Colmar, France.
Head of the department of child neurology, University Hospital HFME, Lyon, France
Professor of Pediatrics, Medical school Lyon Sud, University Lyon 1, France.
Registration Number French National council of physicians : N° d’inscription Conseil National de l’Ordre : 69/13955

1. MD (1994): Clinical training in Pediatrics (1989 – 1994) &Clinical Fellowship (1998_2001), APHP, Paris
2. PhD (1994-1998): Genetics of X-Linked Intellectual disabilities, Pr J Chelly, Pr A Kahn, Cochin, France;
3. Post-doctoral Position (2002): research fellow, The MIND Institute, Sacramento, Davis Univ. CA, USA.
4. Prize from the French Academia of Science, 1998: human genetics and pathology (works on the DCX gene).

Expert in National comittees in the field of Autism and Neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD).
– 2013: Head of DéfiScience, national network for rare diseases of Neurodevelopment.
– 2013-2016: INSERM, « Expertise Collective » on Intellectual Disabilities, promotor: CNSA.
– 2017: HAS, Task force « autism: state of the art: update ».
– 2017-2018: Comité de pilotage de la concertation pour le 4e plan autisme au sein des TND.
– 2018-2023: Conseil National Autisme et TND. Délégation Interministérielle, stratégie autisme et neurodéveloppement, secrétariat d’Etat chargé des personnes handicapées auprès du 1er ministre.

Coordinator of three Inter University Diploma (DIU) in the field of NDD: Neuropsychologie Education Pédagogie; Déficience Intellectuelle; Neurodéveloppement.
Scientific expert, START Project: translational Teaching in NDD (funded by CNSA, ARS IDF/ARA).

Unit L2C2, Institute for Cognitive Science – Marc Jeannerod, (ISC-MJ), Lyon, France.
– Coordinator of a national grant, Ministry of Health (PHRC national 2008), still ongoing, that led to 15 publications «Neuronal Networks and cognitive processes in X-Linked Intellectual Disabilities».
– Investigator (PI for France) in 5 Multisite pharmacological trials in Fragile X Syndrome.

166 citations in PubMed. SIGAPS: 1449 H index: 43 (Google Scholar)

Five main publications
des Portes V, Pinard JM, Billuart P, // Kahn A, Beldjord C, and Chelly J. Identification of a novel CNS Gene Required for Neuronal Migration and involved in X-linked Subcortical Laminar Heterotopia and Lissencephaly syndrome. Cell, 1998, 92 : 51-61. (IF: 31.3)
– Curie A, Nazir T, Brun A, // Roy A, des Portes V. The c.429-452 duplication of the ARX gene: a unique developmental-model of limb kinetic apraxia. 2014 Orphanet J Rare Dis 2014; 9: 25. (IF: 3.6)
– Berry-Kravis E *, des Portes V*, Hagerman R, Jacquemont S, // Apostol G, von Raison F. Mavoglurant in fragile X syndrome: Results of two randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials. Sci TranslMed. 2016; 8(321):321ra5. * Both authors contributed equally as co-first authors. (IF: 16.7)
– Curie A, Brun A, Cheylus A, // Hadjikhani N, Gollub RL, des Portes V. A Novel Analog Reasoning Paradigm: New Insights in Intellectually Disabled Patients. PLoS One. 2016; 11(2):e0149717. (IF: 3)
– Berry-Kravis EM, Lindemann L, Jønch AE, Apostol G, Bear MF, Carpenter RL, Crawley JN, Curie A, des Portes V, Hossain F, Gasparini F, Gomez-Mancilla B, Hessl D, Loth E, Scharf SH, Wang PP, Von Raison F, Hagerman R, Spooren W, Jacquemont S. Drug development for neurodevelopmental disorders: lessons learned from fragile X syndrome. Nat Rev Drug Discov. 2018; 17(4):280-299. (IF: 57)

European Patent
n°97 402 811.0, 1997: A new gene called XLIS and the XLIS gene product, called doublecortin and their applications. Co-Inventeurs : J Chelly, A Kahn, V des Portes, JM Pinard.
French patent. « Brevet d’invention » INPI n° ICG10755, 2012: Dispositif d’évaluation des capacités cognitives d’un patient.
Demandeurs HCL, Lyon 1, CNRS. Inventeurs : A Curie, V des Portes, A Cheylus, G Bussy.


Lyon, February 14th, 2023