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Participate in the Foundation Meeting and join us as a founder member of Fetal Brain Society (FBS)


Dear colleague:
The study of the fetal brain and the implications of the diagnosis of related pathologies has reach a point where most of us realize not only the importance of the multidisciplinary approach in diagnosis, counselling, and treatment, but the need to provide educational opportunities and resources to improve the quality of the information we provide to our patients.

Until now this task has been undertaken by individuals and its visibility in National and International meetings represented a small portion of the time dedicated to presentations and in many occasions relegated to the last day or to secondary rooms. With a group of friends, we are about to create a Society fully dedicated to the study of the fetal brain starting with the organization o fa Congress exclusively dedicated to this subject, that will be held in Ahmedabad, India next January 18-21. During the Congress we plan to have the foundation meeting of the Society.

The Society will be open to participants to all related fields including obstetrics; fetal medicine; perinatology; neonatology; genetics; pediatric radiology, neurology, and neurosurgery; neurodevelopmental medicine and pathology.

We will be very happy if you accept our invitation not only to participate and present your research but to be one of the Founder members of the Society. We are working on the program that will be centered in the interactions between the different specialties with a parallel program dedicated to more basic issues of brain imaging and diagnosis.

We hope you will meet you in Ahmedabad, India.

Due to the current war situation in Israel, it’s possible that we may have to have some faculties talk by zoom meeting.

With our best personal regards,

The organizers
Gustavo Malinger, Daniela Prayer, Dario Paladini, Karina Haratz,
Prashant Acharya, Ritsuko K. Pooh, Roee Burnbum

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